White Blood Cell Analyzer

The White Blood Cell system is a unique point-of-care testing system for the quantitative determination of white blood cell (WBC) count.

It has proven, reliable microcuvette technology, lab quality results are obtained from a finger stick in minutes. At the place where nearest to the patient, it can get accurate diagnostic information through analysis the image of blood sample image. Compare with large-scale device, this device has advantages of time and space, which not available for large-scale device, and it resolved whether has problem for basic blood routine examination.

  • Small volume, built-in lithium battery with big capacity, ultraportable design.
  • True color screen, intelligent voice, humanized experience, data changes are always at hand
  • ABS+PC material is hard, wear resistant and antibacterial
  • White appearance is not affected by time and use, and highly in antibacterial properties
  • Unique Microfluidics, the top domestic craft
  • Unique disposable microfluidic chip, one-time use, completely eliminate carry pollution
  • Exclusive matrix core sensor
  • Unique OCSP core algorithm combined with tens of thousands of clinical data to give you accurate measurement results
  • Large physical button, permanent magnet suction feedback processing unit
  • Button is  as sensitive as ever

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Konsung WBC analyzer configure with high accuracy pattern recognition algorithm, even accurate counted for highly clustered cells, improve the inspection precision obviously, and it offer new measurement method and evaluation method for the diagnostic monitoring and treatment of disease in time.