Complete telehealth diagnostic solution in one bag

About Us

IDIS2GO is a telehealth medical diagnostic system to perform remote collection, transmission and storage medical information about the patient physiological parameters and vital signs. As a comprehensive IoT & cloud solution, the product is actively used in remote healthcare, and can be fully integrated into e-health systems around the world.

Our products are developed for preliminary diagnostics function and periodic patient supervision during treatment or rehabilitation. It is a portable hardware & software unit. The basic kit collects data on blood pressure, ECG examination (12 channels), heart and pulse rates, blood glucose level, urine analysis, respiratory function, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature.

The system is developed by SK-Telemed Group (Austria).

The Benefits

Health examination & Vital signs diagnostic

Remote diagnostics for everyone and everywhere

Store-&-forward telehealth solutions that provide high quality patient diagnostics in remote locations.

Protection against the spread of coronavirus

Remote survey and monitoring with IDIS2GO are an effective approach to avoid deterioration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portable mini-hospital in one IDIS2GO kit

A wide range of connected medical devices to perform a comprehensive vital signs diagnostics.




Smart diagnostics where it’s needed

How it works

Full scope of procedures

Integrated diagnostic tools

All-in-one SaaS solution for remote diagnostics & telemonitoring

Features insight

Photographing & audio recording

Ability to transmit photos and audio remotely. You can also print out the results of examinations.

Data transmission to sharing access

Each examination is stored in the internal memory and transferred to a secure cloud storage for exchange of diagnosis results.

Reports and Analysis dashboard

The specialist receives a detailed analysis of the test results, suspected pathology of the patient and other information. AI for doctor decision support.

All examinations are in one bag

With the lightweight IDIS2GO kit, medical staff performs diagnostics in paramedic stations, outpatient clinics, at the patient's home, and remote areas.